Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luz para México

(Read while listening to: Imagine by John Lennon)


Hoy de nuevo Self Exposed interrumpe su publicación normal, en esta ocasión y lamentablemente, para pedir por México.

Quiero pedir la paz que a México tanto le urge.

Quiero pedir consciencia entre quienes consumen drogas; entendiendo que aparte del daño que se hacen a sí mismos, entiendan que su consumo (así sea mínimo) contribuye a la guerra, a los secuestros... no seamos patrocinadores del narco.

Quiero un México donde no tengamos miedo.

Donde los gobernantes sepan gobernar y donde la ambición de poder no sea mayor que nuestras ganas de salir adelante.

Y quiero que todos queramos la paz, en verdad creo que tu sola intención, puede hacer una diferencia.


Fotografía de: Mashael Al-Shuwayer's


Once again, Self Exposed interrupts its normal publishing, unfortunately this time to pray for peace for Mexico.

I pray for the peace that Mexico so desperately needs.

I pray so there will be conscience among drug consumers, so they can understand that not only do they hurt themselves, but also know that by buying drugs, they support the drug trafficking system, thus becoming sponsors of kidnappers, wars...

I pray for a Mexico free of fear.

Where politicians really lead the country and where ambition for power does not overcome our need to develop into a better nation.

And I pray so that we all pray for peace. I truly believe that your sole intention can make a difference.


Picture by: Mashael Al-Shuwayer's


Anonymous said...

Totalmente de acuerdo!!!!. Ojalá algún día!!!

Susanna-Cole King said...

That picture is beautiful, and makes me stop and stare, simple and yet it says so much... and I think it is wonder that you pray for peace in Mexico, never underestimate the power of pray. :) And I also pray for peace in the world, and also that plane crash that happened near you wasn't due to terrorists ... do you know any more about that now, whether it was an accident or not?

And thanks for your sweet words and ecourgement, my back and hip and leg are in less pain now, so I am feeling a bit better! :)