Sunday, November 2, 2008

Animación suspendida

(Read while listening to: Time by Pink Floyd)


El tiempo se termina.
Ya no queda nada,
si acaso, unos cuantos instantes.

Transito un estado curioso, donde nada se mueve,
pero tampoco se detiene.

Es como una eterna pausa en fast forward.

Y mientras más rápido,
más despacio.

(d) espacio.

Y del mismo modo,
el tiempo se me acaba, de tan lenta.

Corro sin que nadie me vea
(ahí viene el reloj).

-No es que las cosas no puedan moverse a tu ritmo, es que...
-¿Es que qué?
-No sé. Pero sé que se podría, de no ser porque no se puede.


Suspended animation

Time is running out.
There's no more left,
if only, a few instants.

I transit a curious state, where nothing moves,
but doesn't stop either.

It's like an eternal pause in fast forward.

And the faster,
the slower.

Space (d).

And in the same manner,
I lose my time, when being so sluggish.

I run while nobody can see me
(here comes the clock).

-It's not that things can't move at your own pace, it's just that...
-What? that what?
-I don't know. But I do know that it could be possible, if it weren't impossible.

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Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh beautiful picture, I love the reflection! :)

And in reply to your comment: Aw, well I think it depends how much you want to decorate your apartment, it is YOUR apartment so if you want to make an excuse about not decorating, that's probably not too bad of an excuse to make. But if you really do want it decorated... well then might have to stop buying shoes for a bit! :P And aw, yeah don't feel like you're too old to do things, cause you're not! :)