Monday, September 15, 2008

Gracias Quetzal

(Read while listening to: Bajo del Mar)

Dear readers,

Last week, fate took one of our dearest friends away from us, and we didn't even have the chance to say our last goodbyes.

So, this is for Quetzal, and all of his friends and loved ones.

I love you Quetzal. And I miss you. I always enjoyed being around you, and I regret we didn't have more time to share. Nevertheless, you taught me a lot.

I admired you for never ever being afraid of showing your true self. You were brave in your creativity, and you showed me how powerful an artist can be when he truly believes in himself.

Maybe your time on earth was brief, but that lesson really made an impact on me.

I will always remember you at your best. The way you shone in the runway next to Marvin. The sweetness in your eyes when you smiled at your friends and the way you danced and had the greatest time at parties. Your freedom was an inspiration.

I want to believe that Life does things for a reason. I want to believe that it had better plans for you and that you are in a happier place, surrounded by love, peace and understanding.

I also want to believe that you are still having fun, like when you pretended to be The Little Mermaid. You were always different in a good way, so maybe, unlike other great people that have passed away, you are not in heaven, but under the sea... spreading your magic in your unique and inimitable style.

I leave you with this song, 'cause I want to say goodbye with a smile.

Thank you very much Quetzal. I loved you.

P.s. You can see the memorial video, made in the loving memory of Quetzal by VJ Mud at:


Anonymous said...

amiga esto ha sido demasiado duro para nosotros, pero quetza sabia bien cuando lo queriamos, admirabamos y lo q sig en nuestras vidas.
vivira siempre con nosotros, en nuestro corazon y memoria.
Descanza en paz, querido Quetzi bebè.
todos.... t queremos!!



Rafa Cuevas said...

que linda

Anonymous said...

Sólo puedo imaginar que es difícil.... Y sólo diré: me gusta tu cabello, que parece que traes un gato encima, jijijiji.